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10 Adorable Animals That Are Actually Deadly

Published on 06 Apr 2020 / In Pets & Animals

Ever encounter cute and adorable animals in the wild and think they couldn't be deadly? Well, If you EVER see one of these 10 creatures, it might be too late to escape.

It's almost impossible to stop yourself from walking over and stroking a cute puppy or an adorable kitten if you see one in public. And usually when we're stroking pets, the worst that can happen is a scratch or a small bite. Not enjoyable by anyone's standards, but a relatively minor injury. But what happens when you come across equally cute and stroke-able creatures in the wild? These ones might look friendly and welcoming from the outside but inside it's a whole other story.

It might just be that they're not used to humans, or you might have accidentally scared it without thinking. Either way, the creatures we'll be showing you today are ones you should definitely stick to admiring from a distance. Because getting too close could easily be a recipe for disaster. These animals we’re looking at can be found all over the world - so don't think you're safe from being overcome with cuteness if you're based somewhere remote. No matter whether you're in North America, Europe, or a distant part of the world, deep in the jungle, there's a small chance you'll find yourself face to face with at least one of these animals at some point in your life.

And when we say they're dangerous, what exactly do we mean? Well, these animals have the potential to cause a lot of harm and they're not afraid to show it. Keep an eye out for suspiciously long teeth, sharp claws that you just know could hurt a lot, and any number of more subtle but still dangerous qualities.

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