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10 Animals You're Glad Are Extinct

Published on 03 Jul 2018 / In Pets & Animals

10 Animals You're Glad Are Extinct
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Prehistoric Extinct animals are fascinating. Animals like dinosaurs (T-Rex, Raptors, and anything else because dinosaurs are massive and ridiculous to imagine), giant bears, giant insects, and the Megalodon are just a few animals we're glad don't exist anymore, because if they did, the Human popular would be surely have to take precautions against these terrifying creatures. Last time I talked about animals going extinct you people lost your minds. You really think I wanted animals to go extinct? Please, you morons can’t understand even the most basic exaggeration or humor. You have no leg to stand on, and that might be literally if these animals were still alive. But luckily, they aren’t, because these are 10 Animals You’’ll Be Glad Are Extinct!

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Featured Extinct Animals:
10. Titanoboa
9. Liopluradon
8. Megalodon
7. Quetzalcoatlus
6. Phorusrhacidae
5. Euphoberia
4. Cameroceras
3. Jaekelopterus
2. Tyrannosaurus Rex
1. Smilodon

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