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10 Deadliest Animals On Earth That Look Completely Harmless

Published on 30 Jun 2020 / In Pets & Animals

10 Deadliest Animals On Earth That Look Completely Harmless

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Looks can be deceiving, and this can’t be truest in the animal kingdom. Some of the fiercest looking
animals turn out to be the most docile creatures ever. But today, we will be focusing on the opposite
end of the spectrum. We will be looking at 10 of the deadliest animal that look completely harmless.
Watch out for number one. This creatures venom is so potent that if it gets on your skin, its game over.

Number 10. The Geographic Cone Snail
You can’t sometimes prevent yourself from touching the beautifully patterned shell of the geographic
cone snail. They live in the reefs of the Indopacific regions where they usually hunt small fishes. The thin
shell is pink, red or white and is covered by thread-like strings.
But beneath this beautiful structure, there is a shocking truth. The cone snail has an incredible ability to
detect prey swimming nearby. Once they recognize them, they use a needle-like growth from its mouth.
It will inject a type of venom into its. This venom is highly toxic and has some painkilling properties as
well. When this venom gets into you, it causes paralysis.
The painlessness of the sting is most dangerous since the victim will not be even able to detect it. These
killing snails don’t have humans on their “to sting” list. But it doesn’t mean we are safe. They are a real
threat to divers. In 2004 alone, around thirty human fatalities are reported due to cone snails.

Number 9. The Slow Loris
Those beautiful eyes will make you fall in love with Slow Loris. They are a kind of nocturnal animal found
in Southeast Asia and nearby regions. Don’t let their big round eyes and soft fur fool you. They are one
of the most venomous mammals in the world.
The Slow Loris excretes a special type of venom from its elbows. This venom, when mixed with the
loris’s saliva, becomes a highly toxic concoction that is very dangerous when it gets into the
bloodstream. When threatened, the slow loris takes a mouthful of this toxin, then proceeds to bite its
attacker. And when it bites, it’s usually game over for the victim.

Number 8. The Beaver
Yes, I’m not kidding. Beavers are extremely dangerous. These cute animals are nocturnal and are native
to North America and Eurasia. The unique nature of these animals is that they build homes in the form
of dams, canals, and lodges.

Number 7. The Fire Salamander
The fire salamander is an amphibian mostly found in European countries. They are famous for their
superb black and yellow coloration, although some specimens also have shades of red and orange.

Number 6. The Leopard Seal
Leopard seals are called that way primarily because of the faint markings on its body that resembles a
leopard’s spots. Native to Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, these positively cute marine
mammals look like they should be performing in Sea World. But in reality, that isn’t such a good idea.
These creatures are highly aggressive towards human beings, and that is not an overstatement. They will
bite the people and will drag them into the ice or water. There are many biologists and travelers,
suffered from their attack. The seals also have a knack for attacking boats as well. This very aggressive
nature makes it difficult for the researchers to travel in water and to safeguard their crafts.
These huge seals are extremely territorial against other species and will take over the place where they
reside. They always prefer to be in groups, and it will be uncommon to see them alone.

Number 5. The Moose
The moose looks quite friendly, maybe because it looks like it has a smile permanently plastered on its
face. Absolutely massive, they are the largest and the heaviest member of the deer family. They reside
in parts of Canada, Russia, and Alaska, preferring the colder climates compared to warmer ones.
They look so docile that most people don’t think twice about approaching them. Most of the time,
nothing eventful happens, with the moose preferring to keep a safe distance from humans. But when a
moose mother is with its calf.

Number 4. The Duck Billed Platypus
The platypus is among nature's most unlikely animals. In fact, the first scientists to examine a specimen
believed they were the victims of a hoax.

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