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10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds In The World

Published on 08 Jun 2019 / In Pets & Animals

10 most dangerous dogs in the world, including Pitbulls, Bulldogs, and Dobermann Mastiff. Some of these are the biggest dogs in the world!
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We all love dogs, don’t we? They’ve been bred to be perfect companions; in no other being will you find such unconditional love. Dogs are also insanely loyal. So loyal, in fact, that while dogs are bred to be our best friends, they can also be bred to be our enemies’ worst nightmares. For every person that a dog will protect, there are a million people that the dog would destroy in service to that one person. This wouldn’t be a terrifying fact if dogs were the size of hamsters. But they can be larger, stronger, and much more ferocious than humans. Hybrid dogs are our creation, and sometimes our creations backfire. When that happens, you can usually guess the breed of the culprit; you know it won’t be a poodle. This video contains the 10 SCARIEST Hybrid Dog Breeds In The World — but they’re only scary and dangerous because that’s what humans wanted.

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