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10 Most DANGEROUS Ocean Creatures In The World!

Published on 06 Apr 2020 / In Pets & Animals

10 Most DANGEROUS Ocean Creatures In The World!

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The ocean is the world’s largest habitat; therefore, it contains the most number of animal species in the
world; some of which can be very dangerous. Today we will be looking at 10 of the most dangerous
ocean creatures in the world. Make sure you stay tuned till number one. You will come face to face with
the creature solely responsible for the drastic drop in number of people going to beaches in the mid

Number 10. The Flower Urchin
Many of you will have come across sea urchins at some point, and some will have found out the hard
way what those sharp spines are for – I certainly have. However, the flower urchin is in a league of its
own when it comes to defensive weaponry. Described by the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s
“most dangerous sea urchin” this is one echinoderm you don’t want to be standing on.
What makes this urchin deadly is the potent venom it is armed with. This venom contains at least two
dangerous toxins; Contractin A, a neurotoxin which causes spasms of the smooth muscles, and peditoxin
– a protein toxin which can cause convulsions, anaphalactic-type shock and death. The venom is
delivered via the pedicellariae – these are the flower-like structures that give the urchin its name. Once
contact is made with the skin the pedicellariae often break off and continue pumping poison into the
victim. Apparently the size of these pedicellariae is directly related to the potency of the venom.
The flower urchin has been responsible for a number of deaths over the years. As well as being intensely
painful, the urchin sting can result in paralysis, breathing problems, and disorientation can all contribute
to drowning.

Number 9. The Great Barracuda
Measuring up to 6ft in length and armed with a terrifying array of super-sharp teeth, the torpedo-like
barracuda is more than capable of inflicting serious injuries. There are actually 22 species of barracuda
but it is only the great barracuda that has been known to attack humans.
The barracuda’s diet consists mainly of small and medium sized fish. It uses its lightning speed and
ambush tactics to catch them. Many of the recorded attacks on humans seem to have involved shiny
objects such as jewelry or even diving knives. Apparently the barracuda are attracted to these, confusing
them with prey fish and strike.
Such attacks can leave the victim with deep gashes, often resulting in nerve and tendon damage or in
the worst case severing blood vessels. These injuries can require hundreds of stitches to patch up.
On rare occasions barracudas have been known to leap out of the water and cause serious injury to
people in boat. One recent case in Florida left a female canoeist fighting for her life after suffering
broken ribs and a punctured lung after a barracuda attack.

Number 8. The Cone Snail

The cone snail has been a favorite among shell collectors for centuries, but don’t be fooled by its pretty
appearance, these snails are killers! Armed with tiny harpoons formed from modified teeth these
critters can fire a hollow barb loaded with deadly neurotoxins in any direction. The harpoon of some of
the larger species of cone snail is big and powerful enough to not only penetrate human skin, but gloves
or wetsuits too.
A single drop of the cone snail’s venom is said to be sufficient to kill 20 men making it one of the most
venomous creatures on earth. Known as conotoxins the poison can be highly specific affecting only
certain types of nerves. Whilst this may be of medical interest, the stings generally cause intense,
localized pain with the life-threatening symptoms sometimes taking several days to present. On the
other hand, rapid paralysis of the respiratory system and death can occur shortly after the sting. In fact,
one species of cone snail is known locally as the “cigarette snail” on account of there being just enough
time to smoke one before you die!

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