10 Most Dangerous Places on Earth

Published on 19 Aug 2020 / In Travel & Events

10 Most Dangerous Places on Earth

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Wars, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, hurricanes, scorching heat and deadly animals - these are some of the things that make us all stay alert in our beautiful planet Earth. While all of these things bring chaos and destruction to our world, some people really like the thrill of stepping into dangerous places and defy the rules of life. Today I’ll be showing you some of the most dangerous places on Earth - If you like to play it safe, my intention is to warn you and help you avoid getting too close to these places. Otherwise, I’m here to encourage the curious traveler within you and send you to the places your mom and dad would want you to stay away from. It’s not easy to get to these places anyway, so why not start by watching a video and decide whether they’re worth visiting. I put many of them on my bucket list, but definitely not number one! You’ll be shocked to see what happens to people who’ve been to that one.

Fraser Island, Australia

Fraser Island is one of those very remote places in Australia that might fool you at first sight. As soon as you arrive, you’ll probably think you are in a paradisal holiday destination: white sand beaches, pristine crystal clear waters, an unusual rainforest growing on sand dunes - this place is very unique.

However, Fraser Island is also home to some of the most threatening creatures you’ll ever face: wild and aggressive dingoes - which by the way, are known to be the purest strain in Eastern Australia, poisonous spiders, lethal jellyfish and hungry sharks. These creatures will make sure only the brave ones come to the island. They certainly make Fraser Island a dangerous destination, but that doesn’t take away any of its beauty.

Danakil Desert, East Africa

If I can be honest, the desert is a very challenging place for me. It’s hot, it’s dry and gets my shoes full of sand. But the desert is also filled with great views of blue skies and sand dunes. You can go sandboarding and roll on the ground. At the end, sand becomes to the desert what snow is to the North Pole - a lot of pretty cool dust to play with!

But things are a bit different at Danakil Desert. In here, the daytime heat can reach temperatures of 50 degree celsius, making it a very challenging place to go on a trip. Imagine the people living there! They must be so used to the extreme heat by now. The high temperatures are a result of the many geysers and volcanoes in the area, which also release toxic gases that add to the difficulty of being here. If that wasn’t enough, there have been many cases of people getting kidnapped and other tragic events in the area. For that reason, the Danakil is not like other desserts and is definitely one of the most dangerous on Earth.

Oymyakon, Russia

You can’t stand the heat but you can stand the cold? I’m not sure you’ll be saying that after a visit to Oymyakon, Russia - one of the coldest places on Earth, with one of the lowest temperatures ever reported, which is - 71.2 degree celsius. Nick Middleton, a renowned writer and geographer visited Oymyakon and noted that the reason why the place is so cold is because the town is tucked between two mountain ranges that trap cold winds within them. In fact, he noted that the wind at the top of these mountains is less cold than the wind down the valley where Oymyakon is located. Cold air is heavier than regular air and gets pulled down naturally by gravity.

The terrible temperature has made it impossible for humans to live there. In fact, only 500 people manage to survive the threatening weather. They do not have access to cell phones as the cold weather doesn't allow them to function properly and it’s hard to grow any crops there. People really have a hard time living in Oymyakon, and an outsider would not likely make it to the next morning alive.

Mount Sinabung, Indonesia

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