14 Worst Natural Disasters In History

Published on 31 May 2019 / In Travel & Events

These are the worst natural disasters in history. While natural disasters appear to have become more frequent and devastating in the past ten years, human history is filled with reports of catastrophes of nature.

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After many years that have been littered with heartbreaking natural disasters, where scientists warn that global climate change may exacerbate the risks of these events, the world’s attention has turned back to the disasters of yesteryear. From earthquakes to fire to tsunamis and more, mother nature is a ferocious beast. There’s no telling what mother nature’s capabilities are, and when a natural disaster is occurring, it can be like something out of the movies.

This reflection process is important. The more we understand about past disasters, the better we are at responding to tomorrow’s tragedies, limiting loss of life and minimizing international impact. And the more we know about why these events happened, the better we can understand the Earth we live on, spurring scientific progress. This can hopefully help cities and places prepare for events that could cause damage to life, and can also help us better understand mother nature. Studying and understanding these natural events can also show scientists how to watch for warning signs or signals which could potentially save thousands, if not even millions of lives.

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