2019 Athlete Deaths That Flew Under The Radar

Published on 07 Jan 2020 / In Sports

Most sports fans look up to athletes because they amaze us. Professional athletes can run faster, jump higher, and exhibit feats of strength that make them look like superheroes. But athletes are all human like the rest of us, which means they're mortal, too. Here are athletes we lost in 2019.

Mel Stottlemyre was a reliable and vital member of the New York Yankees pitching staff in the late 1960s and early '70s. He amassed 164 wins, a 2.97 earned run average, more than 1,200 strikeouts, three 20-win seasons, and five all-star appearances. Stottlemyre was also one of the better-hitting pitchers. He once had five hits in one game, and of his seven career home runs, one was an improbable inside-the-park grand slam.

Stottlemyre didn't win a World Series ring as a player, but he did win five as a pitching coach. In the '80s, he signed on with the New York Mets and helped its legendary 1986 squad to a World Series championship. He later returned to the Yankees as a pitching coach and won another four titles. He retired in 2008 after one last coaching job with the Seattle Mariners. According to his wife, he fought blood cancer for nearly two decades. He died at age 77.

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