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A Different World: 6x02 - Dwayne and Whitley in their new home

Published on 21 Feb 2020 / In Film & Animation

A Different World (1987–1993)

Season 6 Episode 2

Honeymoon in L.A.: Part 2 (1 Oct. 1992)

Dwayne and Whitley continue to describe their chaotic honeymoon to friends. Dwayne was not arrested because the police officers were called back to the station for emergency detail. Whitley confronted some rich white women, who hypocritically looted a department store as they talked loudly about blacks being criminals. While trying to get directions, Dwayne ran into a group of young people looting their neighborhood grocery store. The shopkeeper pleaded that he disagreed with the verdicts, and Dwayne and another man tried to calm the rioters. A man ignored them and smashed the windows, while others stole Dwayne's car. Whitley struck up a conversation with a homeless man, who saw the riots as a way for people who felt invisible to make themselves heard. Dwayne rode up on a bicycle and was reunited with Whitley. Col. Taylor disagrees with the suggestion that the riots will make a difference, as people had made similar comments after the Watts riots of the 1960s. Lena scoffs at the idea of effecting a change through voting and says that white people are to blame for everything. She backpedals after learning that some of her friends have white relatives; Freddie recommends that she think more carefully about her comments. Ron approaches Freddie and tells her that he admires her for pursuing a law career. Freddie laughs that he is only being nice to her because of her new look, then starts yelling at him. Ron jumps her, and they make out behind a pillar. Kim gives Ron the "good news" that he can sleep on the couch in Freddie's and her dorm room.

A Different World 6x02 Honeymoon in L.A.: Part 2 (Clip/Scene)
A Different World S6 E02 Honeymoon in L.A.: Part 2 (Clip/Scene)
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