A Different World: The Tupac Shakur Episode - part 3/6 - Homie, don't ya know me?

Published on 02 Mar 2021 / In Film & Animation

Hello everyone! My name is Jake Carpenter. I was truly blessed to be an actor on the great and important show, A Different World. It was the highlight of my life. A Different World is one of my absolute favorite shows. It dealt with important issues and was simultaneously so entertaining. I wish there were more shows on the television like this today.

I was Rick in the episode of A Different World, "Cat's in the Cradle". It is the episode in which Ron and Dwayne encounter three white guys at a Hillman football game, Ron makes a bet (against Dwayne’s protestations), they all end up in a fight, go to campus jail, and are encouraged to work out their differences. I play the white guy with a conscience who apologizes to Dwayne and Ron in the jail cell.

I will never monetize this channel, sell any products, or have any affiliate links here. “I Love A Different World” is purely for the celebration and enjoyment of A Different World, a show that was so important to millions of people worldwide.

If the channel really takes off, I will see how else to add to the channel, such as seeing if some of cast members would be willing to be interviewed about the show and answer your questions.

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