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Best Grow Light for Growing Cannabis in 2020

Published on 28 Jul 2020 / In How-to & Style

Link to 630w CMH: http://bit.ly/2P81Wqt

Link to download our free guide: http://bit.ly/32xDftl

What exactly is the best grow light for growing cannabis? There is an insane amount of misinformation floating around the internet on both HID and LED grow lights and most of this information is regurgitated by LED light companies that are just trying to sell you their version of "the best light in the game". The reality is that a lot of these companies lie to all of us about what really matters in a grow light.

A lot of these LED grow light companies boast about how their product lasts thousands of hours longer and how they conserve a lot more energy but is that really going to provide you the best results in your indoor garden?

The best type of grow light for growing cannabis is hands down a ceramic metal halide fixture. The reason a CMH grow light works so well for growing cannabis is that it is the only type of grow light that produces UV light, due to its extremely broad spectrum.

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