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‘COVID-19’ Stand-Up Comedy Special in Quarantine

Published on 23 Apr 2020 / In Comedy

An online exclusive stand-up special about the Coronavirus ‘COVID-19’ by Josuha Taylor. Now available on YouTube, Facebook and Netflix. Disclaimer: May or may not be available on Netflix. Unless they want it to be?? Filmed live from my bedroom down under in Australia in self isolation. Gotta do what you gotta do man seeming as major events have been cancelled and i had to cancel my madison square garden sold out show there’s nowhere to perform stand up comedy right now so i thought i would just record a mini stand up special straight from inside the 4 walls of my bedroom. Just kidding... i didn’t have a show planned for madison square garden... they didn’t have enough capacity to handle my fan base. BOOM GOTCHA! DIDNT SEE THAT COMING DID YOU!


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My name is Josuha! I just wanna be my goofball self, create cool videos and make the world smile a little :)

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