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European Hornets Wasps Massive swarm Removal Inside tree

Published on 26 May 2020 / In Pets & Animals

European Hornet Nest inside a tree trunk. Hornet Nest infestation.

See the tools of the trade and the inside of the vacuum:

Check out the follow-up video exploring the nest and new adults!!



HOMEOWNERS VLOG! https://youtu.be/8IJ6Uvsd6M0

Just answer a few of the main questions that I get in the comments:
I did not wear safety glasses at the middle of this video because it was mid-august and was super humid and they kept fogging up. There is no way for me to wipe them off under the veil to be able to see, so I remove them all together. The only time I had the safety glasses on in this video was when I was using the chainsaw. The next question I get a lot of is how I could destroy this nest. This Nest had to be removed because it was a safety hazard to the homeowners children. These Hornets became very aggressive When the Children were out in the yard. So I was contacted to come and remove the nest. I removed the nest in the manner that I did using the vacuum to suck up the foragers and batten down the population numbers and then extract the nest in its entirety by not ruining it so I could in the future extract the new queens and new males to release them to start a new nest the following season.

Contact Hornet King at bretdavislpn@gmail.com for licensing inquiries, Thanks!

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