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Joe Biden wins: what next for America? | The Economist

Published on 10 Nov 2020 / In News & Politics

Joe Biden has won the race to become America’s next president. Our experts answer your questions on potential court battles, a divided country and the future of America.

00:00 Can Biden reunite America?
01:27 Is Biden’s path to the White House assured?
02:13 Does Trump have grounds for legal challenges?
05:15 Were the polls right?
06:54 Why are Trump's supporters so hard to poll?
07:25 How did Trump manage to widen his base this election?
09:27 Will Congress pass any of Biden’s proposed legislation?
11:30 Will Biden have to govern by executive order to achieve his policy goals?
12:36 What will Trump do in his remaining time as president?
14:16 Trump did far better than expected. What signal does this send to other populist movements around the world?
15:52 How might a Biden presidency change the relationship between America and China?
19:01 Will the Republican party continue with Trump's ideology?
22:50 What is The Economist going to be focussing on in the coming days?

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