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Published on 08 Aug 2019 / In Pets & Animals

You may come into contact with some deadly animals and wildlife that may attack. Are you prepared to face the deadly world of beasts, fangs, and claws? With a few pointers you may have a better chance of survival if you come face to face with our planet’s deadliest.
Be Amazed at these 10 Tips to Survive Deadly Animal Attacks! Kangaroos - If you’re planning a safari trip or a visit to the down under, a few survival techniques are in order. Lions - Playing with kittens and cats is fun and entertaining when their cute little paws and claws bat at you. Elephants - Elephants are very intelligent creatures and feel a wide array of emotions. If threatened they will react. Rhinoceros - With poor eyesight, these creatures are easily startled and are hard to escape. They can reach a startling speed of 40 mph. Hippos - The best way to survive a hippo attack is to avoid one altogether. These lumbering beasts are cute, docile, and look fairly peaceful, right?
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