South Central TV Show | Season 1 | Episode 1 | ‘Pilot’

Published on 28 Oct 2020 / In Film & Animation

Episode Synopsis:
Joan objects when Andre purchases a beeper. Although he insists that he needs it to keep his social life in order, Joan believes the beeper will make him a target for drug dealers or gang members. She orders him to get rid of it. Joan finds herself out of work after a series of layoffs by the school district.

Show Background:
South Central was an American comedy series that aired on the Fox network from April 5, 1994 to June 7, 1994. The series was set in 1990's South Central Los Angeles, and dealt with the lives of an African American family, the Moseleys, and issues such as gang violence, drugs, dating, sex, school, and unemployment.

Creator: Ralph Farquhar & Michael J. Weithorn
Stars: Tina Lifford, Larenz Tate, Tasha Scott, Keith Mbulo, Paula Kelly & Ken Page

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