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The Ending Of Bird Box Explained

Published on 31 Dec 2018 / In Entertainment

If you needed the ending of Bird Box explained, we totally get it. The Sandra Bullock Netflix movie probably left you with a lot of questions - and a few jokes about how Bird Box is just The Happening only better - but still, there were some gaps and confusing moments that left us all wondering exactly what was going on. Obviously spoilers abound, so if you haven’t sat down to watch Bird Box yet, you might want to fly the coop real quick.

Before we get into the ending, let’s back it up a little bit and unpack Bird Box a bit and try and make sense out of the story. If you have your eyes opened outside “it” will cause you to go insane and self-harm, but inside the warm glow of indoor lighting you’re fine. The only way to travel outside is with a blindfold. The other arbitrary choice the - thing- makes is that some people can survive and “see” the.. Whatever it is and try and make others see what they see, which leads to their deaths.

Bullock and two children - which she calls boy and girl because she can’t emotionally attach herself to them - travel via the river to find an alleged sanctuary. Along the way this ‘whatever it is’ causes leaves to rustle, and talks to Mallorie and the children to try and intice them into taking their blindfolds off and see the horror. Once they reach the sanctuary, they discover that it’s a school of the blind, and there are other people there safe from the outside horrors.

The monster motive | 0:15
The source of the problem | 0:48
A blind future | 1:38
A world gone mad | 2:22
Damage beyond sight | 3:26
A future for Malorie | 4:09

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