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Published on 03 Dec 2020 / In Travel & Events

The United States has beautiful places that are worth seeing and visiting, however there are some that are worth avoiding, you want to know which ones and why, here I show you.


Camden County
Called the most dangerous city in New Jersey, Camden County stands out as an anomaly in its state where crime has been decreasing in recent years.

This small city of almost 16 thousand inhabitants will make you feel as if you were in ancient Arabia, but make no mistake, this is no place for vacation.

If your city has its own Wikipedia page about its crime issues, you already know you must have eyes in the back of your head.

It’s a historic city infamous for its crime. Baltimore has become immune to the crime decline nationwide as it increased by 7%, perhaps this city of 619,493 inhabitants could be comparable to Gotham City.

It was once a symbol of prosperity and the American dream, today Detroit is still an American symbol, but of economic crisis and disappearance of manufacturing jobs.

Saint Louis
While the crime rate in Saint Louis had a small decline compared to the wild 90s, currently, 8,124 per 100 thousand people are victims of a crime.

We arrived at the Rust Belt, where many factories closed production. Especially McKeesport, Pennsylvania, characterized by an unemployment rate of 9% that terribly affects its population.

Florida City
If your neighbor has never threatened your life, chances are you don’t live in Florida City. Here, dangerous means ordinary, moreover, it would be weird if you don’t have a risky experience during the day.

Things don’t look great in the heart of the southern lands, as Bessemer has one of the highest violent crime rates not only in Alabama but throughout the United States.

Not only is it classified as the most dangerous city in Alabama but nationwide as well. Anniston is a city of only 21,770 people, but it has a lot of issues.

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