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The Most Dangerous City in Every Single State. It's Very Alarming.

Published on 25 Apr 2021 / In Travel & Events

Is where you live safe? Cause for many of us, it’s not safe. Sure, crime had gone down a lot since a peak in the mid 1990s, but a recent spike last summer has a lot of police agencies scrambling for a solution. If you live in a big city or near one, chances are you are pretty close to a danger hotspot. And even if you know which parts of town to stay away from, the crap can sneak up on you at any time.

Today, we’re going to visit the most dangerous place in every single state. Some of these will be no surprise to anyone - they are major cities that have struggled with crime for a long time now. Some WILL be surprising - and a lot of these places you may not have even heard of before.

But if you LIVE in or near one of these danger zones, you’ll be able to identify. Cause no matter how much you want to skew numbers or say where you live is great, you can’t argue with statistics. And some of these statistics are outright alarming.

Well, we have a lot of ground to cover, since we have to go to each and every state. So we should probably get going. We can’t stay in one place too long, because, then we’re a target for criminals. Here are the most dangerous cities in every single US state.

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---Mount Vernon
----RVerTV in Montana
Humble, Texas By The original uploader was DanielCD at English Wikipedia. - Own work - see original upload log, CC BY-SA 3.0,
End clip: Waterbury, CT (Neighborhood Guy - he’s AWESOME!)

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