The Newlywed Game Show Favorite & Funniest TV Bloopers - Bob Eubanks

Published on 19 Mar 2021 / In Gaming

These are the majority of the favorite questions and insane answers.......the Newlywed Game staff’s personal favorite and unbelievable moments from the syndicated version of the show from 1977-1980.
The associate director edited this tape together for the producers and the director when the show wrapped. The wrap tape.
The syndicated 70's episodes differed from the 60’s version which was near to being squeaky clean, since it was on ABC and network tv was tough in the 60’s.
In the 70’s the brand new world of syndication allowed Chuck Barris, the Executive Producer, to not just push the envelope, but SHOVE the envelope for the innovative sexy approach to these specific episodes (575 in all).
It could never be done today. Tons of “whoopee” questions (a wife FINALLY does ask Bob just "what is “Whoopee”?), questions that were impossible to answer (In your neighborhood, are there more uphills or downhills?
Some questions were replaced moments before the show, for example, when one wife had rather noisy digestive problems backstage for hours (flatulence) , Bob asked “What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done since arriving at the studio?” Alll four wives break out and start falling down laughing.....The wife never did "'fess up".
Quick paced, fun and funny, the staff’s favorite couples as I hope you will agree, so sit back and …Enjoy!!! Most of these moments haven't been seen in over 40 years. Some of what was considered funny 44 yrs ago may make you cringe today, but back then, everyone was having fun and let it all out for a chance at winning a dining room

While a few questions aired on the Game Show Network (GSN), most did not. This is not "Game Show's Most Outrageous .........", but instead truly wonderfully off the wall Newlyweds revealing, well, just pretty much everything, so enjoy, here we go.....
“From Hollywood, It”s.......

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