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the worlds most dangerous controller for gaming

Published on 26 Aug 2019 / In Gaming

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When I designed Delta SiX, I wanted to create a product that combines motion control gaming with a hardcore First Person Shooter methodology. It has been my goal for years to design a product that will take gaming—online and off to the next level.

People shell out money on big 3D HD TV and digital surround sound (or expensive top of the line headsets) to feel the intensity and urgency of a game in the way the developer intended. However, this is lost when you shoot and you are still only holding a controller, not something that feels like a gun. Delta SiX will change this without sacrificing performance or control. It will enhance both

Why Delta Six?

Other attempts at gun-like controllers have failed. They tend to look like something out of a Buck Rogers movie from the 1950s. Motion controllers were made to do more than shooting. Their very versatility sacrifices function. These controllers require a specified space between the gun and TV. If this space is not ideal, controllers require exaggerated, unrealistic movement. This forfeits time, energy and makes the shooter feel out of sync with the game.

We think the new generation of shooters deserves better. Even though we believe the Delta SiX represents a great leap forward in the history of game controllers, we pledge to provide upgrades that will keep pace with the advances in technology that are sure to come in the next generation of shooting devices.

Different color choices and formats,Xbox,PS3 will be picked by backer closer to completion.
This Controller Is for FPS Games

Delta Six is going to be the real deal. We called in former Special Forces operators from Saber Ops Inc. to help us deliver the most realistic feeling you can get without drawing combat pay. Former military, police officers, hunters, and shooting enthusiasts will finally be able to apply their years of marksmanship training and rifle discipline to the gaming world.

Delta SiX will be compatible with Xbox 360, PS3, PC, the Wii U, and of course, the OUYA console. The Delta SiX will utilize the standard functions of your console controllers but they will be built into the gun's frame in a comfortable and logical location. Aiming and turning will be done using a state of the art accelerometer.

Along with realism and authenticity, I kept the hardcore FPS player in mind through the entire design process. I focused on keeping it lightweight, with realistic kickback when firing, enhanced optics in the scope, and many other features shooters have been hoping for years. We not only too provide an edge in some FPS titles, but in all FPS titles, offline and on, as well as in the online multi-player arena

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