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Published on 19 Aug 2020 / In Pets & Animals

10 Rarest Dog Breeds in the World

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10 Rarest Dog Breeds in the World

When it comes to domesticated animals, perhaps no pet is more synonymous with human beings than the dog, in fact it is believed that the first dog to be domesticated by humans was over 15,000 years ago, and today many people can’t imagine their lives without them. While some people are more than happy to open their homes and their hearts to any pup in need of a friend, discriminating enthusiasts and breeders the world over are committed to finding the most expensive and iconic breeds possible. Today we are looking at 10 of the rarest dog breeds in the world…
....Let’s get started.

10. Kooikerhondje
These small Spaniel-type dogs known as Kooikerhondje attract plenty of attention with their flashy, orange and white coloring. Originally bred to aid in duck hunting, these dogs were expected to spend the off season catching vermin around the farm, this multitude of uses means that the Kooikerhondje’s short stature is perfect both luring ducks as well as chasing smaller prey who may be able to fit into spaces larger dogs could not. Today there are a finite number of these dogs in the world and breeders have to take extraordinary precautions to prevent the array of genetic disorders that plague them.

9. Norwegian Lundehund
The Norwegian Lundehund is pretty much unique from the ground up, that’s because rather than the usual 4 toes that most canines have, the Norwegian Lundehund has 6 little toes on each paw! This rather odd adaptation may just have something to do with their rather troubled history. The Norwegian Lundehund was originally bred with the distinct purpose of hunting puffin birds along the Norwegian coast, as time went on however new methods of hunting came along and soon this specialized breed was in very short demand, by 1900 the breed existed only in an isolated village named Mostad, and by 1963 only 6 remained in the world. Thanks to carefully monitored breeding efforts the population was able to recover and now there is around 1400 of them around the world.

8. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
A relatively new breed, the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog was engineered as an attack dog for use by the Czechoslovak special forces for military special operations carried out by commandos. The breed was created by crossing German Shepherd-Dogs and Carpathian wolves the result was a dog that was tame enough to train but who had superior navigational skills, endurance, night vision, hearing, and sense of smell. After many years of military and rescue service, the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog was officially recognized as a breed by Fédération Cynologique Internationale in 1989.

7. Thai Ridgeback
Until recently our number seven entry, the Thai Ridgeback, was almost entirely unknown outside of its native Thailand, that is in part because it’s a pariah-dog. A pariah-dog is a breed of dog that is half wild and free-ranging, but lives close to human settlements, this means that they are extremely independant and adept hunters. Like other members of the ridgeback family the Thai Ridgeback is distinguishable by a ridge of fur on their back that grows in the opposite direction as the remainder of their coat. Other distinctive features of this breed include triangular ears, a wedge shaped head, and a short, soft smooth coat, as for their build, the Thai Ridgeback sports an agile, muscular, and streamlined body.

6. Azawakh
The Azawakh is among the more distinguished-looking breeds on today’s list. Not only does the Azawakh have a striking presents but as soon as it moves you may very well start to suspect that its not your ordinary dog; this unique canine moves in a notably more feline manner than it’s peers and this may be attributed to the Azawakh’s origins. This sleek hunting dog was used to take down gazelle who can reach speeds of 97 kilometers per hour, the gazelle however can maintain this speed only a short time whereas the Azawakh can maintain its speed of nearly 70 kilometers and hour for far longer. Possibly it’s closest competition is the greyhound however an Azawakh can maintain its top speed in grueling environments that would like prove disastrous to a greyhound.

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