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Worst vacation and resort - never going back!

Published on 11 Feb 2020 / In Travel & Events

These reviews were on SellOffVacations provided by vacationers... we do a lot of research before booking to avoid the nightmare vacation.

brother got his laptop stolen doors are not safe then the lock broke on my parents room so by the end of it they ended up promoting us 2 the grand #### hotel but other then that it was goood they just gotta up secrurity a little


During Spring break time, service was terrible, food was terrible. Ate undercooked meat/got sick. There was no free bottled water for vacationers, no water filtration system. Overall the worst vacation of my life. Room was dirty. Was not worth 200 bucks, let alone 1200. The ocean was also very rocky/I did not expect that. I hope I never have one like that again.

We were not happy at this resort! The room they gave us was on the main level (lagoon view) which would be fine if one could actually look out the window beyond the walls blocking it. It felt like we were in a basement room. the resort itself was nice, full of young people who were there to party. Oh and lots of stairs. My husband was recovering from surgery and we thought a vacation on the beach would be a great place to recover since he was not allowed to exert himself. Well the amount of stairs just to get from the lobby to the beach is alot.

beach too rocky - a huge disapointment

had a camera and $400 dollars stolen from our room while we were down for breakfast they were obvously watching and waiting for us.

Know before you go.

Two things annoy me about travel brochures and commercials; I love sunshine as much as anyone but the simple fact is that in the Caribbean it rains and sometimes it rains a lot. Second, the perfect bodies and couples shown in ads exclude the wide variety of shapes, sizes and age of real travelers.

Other issues that are glossed over have to do with crime, not just in the Caribbean but anywhere tourists congregate. Hawaii and Florida have all had problems with tourists being victimized by petty criminals. A hidden camera was used to capture a hotel worker going through vacationers luggage at a Banff Alberta resort. Even Airport baggage handlers in Colorado have had issues with theft. Tourists make easy targets because due to cost of travel they are often not able to return for prosecution of the criminal even if an arrest is made.

Competition for tourist dollars is fierce as the economic downturn, compounded with the H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic continues to devastate once popular travel destinations. And I do not believe we have seen the worst yet, the death of one tourist from the H1N1 flu at any resort and destination will have catastrophic wide reaching effect on tourism for the entire area.

The slogan that What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas does not apply today in the age of social media and instant global communication. The spin doctors, advertising agencies and marketing companies are fighting a loosing battle with misinformationKnow before you go.

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