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Wu Tang Collection - Bruce Le in Vicious Passageway

Published on 09 Mar 2019 / In Film & Animation

Director: Bruce Le
Cast: Bruce Le, Lo Lieh, Chiang Tao, James Ha Chim Si, Ho Pak Kwong
To survive, Huang, former opium trafficker, engages in illegal karate fights, a discipline which he’s the undisputed master. He is contacted by Interpol, who asked him to infiltrate the opium networks of the Golden Triangle. At a secret meeting in Manila, Huang contacts Wei Chen, Hong Kong network leader, who entrusted him with an important mission in Thailand. Hung discovers that then heroin takes on a new road and Interpol does not know the new road. Quickly suspected by traffickers, Huang with the force of his fists engages in a death struggle against the drug cartel.

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